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3rd Generation Rule of Passenger Transport: What Passengers Need to Know Now

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3rd Generation Rule of Passenger Transport: What Passengers Need to Know Now

DB security employee checks mask requirements on train

DB security employee checks mask requirements on train

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Ride only for passengers who have been vaccinated, recovered or tested: From Wednesday, the 3G commitment will apply to buses and trains. But the extent to which the new rule will continue to be enforced remains unclear. Answers to the most important questions.

It is a measure aimed at mitigating the fourth corona wave: the 3G rule decided by the Bundestag and the Bundesrat should not only be applied in the workplace for all employees, but also in public transport. This should not be a problem for those who have been vaccinated and who have recovered, but not for those who have not: their daily commute to work or to the testing station becomes complicated.

When is the 3G rule applied in public transport?

From Wednesday 24 November. The law was published in the Official Gazette of Federal Law on Tuesday. Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier on Monday signed into law the new Corona requirements.

Where does the 3G rule apply?

Anyone who has not recovered or has not been vaccinated must show at least a negative test certificate. This applies to all passengers on local and long-distance buses, on regional and long-distance trains operated by Deutsche Bahn and on domestic German flights. The following applies to tests for non-vaccinated persons: This must be no more than 24 hours old when the flight commences. A rapid antigen test is sufficient. The weekly Citizen Test is once again free.

Should there be exceptions?

Yes, taxis and those under the age of six are exempt from the new 3G rule. Schoolchildren are also exempt from the obligation to provide evidence when transferred because they are regularly tested in schools.

The vaccination card is on the cell phone with the vaccination certificate opened.

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Who controls implementation and verifies evidence?

By law, the type of controls is up to the carriers. The guide can be checked while checking the ticket. Transport companies are trying to work with the police.

How does Deutsche Ban apply the rules of the third generation?

According to the railways, DB’s security and monitoring staff will randomly check 3G certificates on trains. This includes about 4,200 decibels of Sicherheit employees as well as about 5,000 decibels of service and control personnel on S-Bahn, RE and RB trains, whether owned by DB or operating on behalf of DB.

What happens if the passenger is unable to show the 3G proof?

Upon request, the railway announced: If the passenger cannot show the 3G certificate, the security and control personnel will ask to get off at the next stop and obtain the 3G certificate at a test center. Violating the 3G rule is an administrative offense that will be fined by the authorities. If the DB has to issue a transfer exception, they can seek help from the Federal Police in case of problems.

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Is there any doubt about the implementation of the procedures?

The head of the German Locomotive Drivers’ Association (GDL), Klaus Wieselsky, is ruling out controls for workers on trains. “It’s not part of their job,” he says. “No one answers the question of who should implement or control it.” For him, the additional 3G controls would only heighten the aggressive moods on the trains.

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