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Christening of the MSC Virtuosa in Dubai: The Sheikhs, Champagne and Sophia

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Shirt temperatures prevail ship baptism MSC Virtuosa at the Dubai cruise terminal: While Germany experiences the first few nights of frost and snow, a warm breeze with a temperature of 26 degrees Celsius blows through Dubai in the evening. A platform has been set up in front of the massive whiteboard wall of the 331-meter giant ship from MSC Cruises.

Relaxing Arabic sounds make the mood for six hundred invited guests, many of them men She appeared in the traditional white dishdasha and the ladies wrapped in a black robe without a headscarf. A drone flew over the scene, and Airbus A380s on their night flights constantly took off over the stern of the ship in sight.

Shortly before the 50th anniversary of the UAE’s existence, Geneva-based cruise ship MSC Cruises departs its 19th cruise ship in Dubai Named MSC Virtusa, “our youngest and newest pioneer,” explains Pierfrancesco Fago, CEO of the shipping company. Sophia Loren will cut the ribbon on which the champagne bottle will be attached, as she has often done before.

On November 18, the film actress – most recently as Holocaust survivor and ex-prostitute Madame Rosa in the Netflix movie “I’ve Got Life Before You” – played in Ocean Cay in the Bahamas Chef From the MSC fleet. The family-owned shipping company is building on explosive growth in the middle of the pandemic and wants to operate four more new vessels by 2025, some of them powered by LNG. Then the shipping company, according to its own information, will be the second largest cruise company in the world in terms of passenger capacity.

Making cash cow containers

Unlike the US market leaders, which are publicly traded, MSC is still owned by the Italian Aponte family. The cruise line is part of the MSC group, which is the patriarch and captain Gianluigi Aponte Founded in 1970 with only one freighter.

Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) now operates in 155 countries with 617 vessels and more than 100,000 employees in the global container business and benefits greatly from rapidly increasing freight rates in the movement of goods around the world.

The “MSC Virtuosa” is identical to the sister ship “MSC Grandiosa”, which Sophia Loren christened in the port of Hamburg in November 2019, but she has refined in many details such as the design, for example, the technology of the elevator. With a capacity of 6,334 passengers, both are the largest cruise ships in the world.

The shipping company is currently operating their ships from December 4th 2Gplus base on all tracks The following applies to guests and crew members, due to the pandemic, with a maximum occupancy of 70 percent. But the reality is much less than that. The recent spread of novel virus variants has led to a collapse in reservations.

“Mama Mia” were the 87-year-old’s first two words when Captain Saverio Vineiro led her onto stage Saturday night. Initially fluent in Italian and then in English, Sophia Loren “MSC Virtuosa” wished a happy flight at all times.

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