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Corona pandemic: Experts: OMICRON makes emergency measures packages more important

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Corona pandemic
Experts: Omikron makes emergency packages more important

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In many federal states, values ​​indicating that the health system is overburdened for too long have been exceeded. Experts call for emergency braking preparations — and other measures.

Looking forward to the present Corona– According to a group of experts, the situation in Germany should now be the legal basis for some kind of emergency circuit breaker and other far-reaching measures.

“Especially with regard to the new omicron– Variable, such precautionary measures are urgently needed”, reads a statement from the group about physicist and fashion designer Viola Brisman. In addition to the emergency measures package, contact tracing for people with Omikron infection should be “currently the absolute priority.” Adequate personnel and resources for this purpose A systematic genetic record is also essential.

“Especially with regard to novel virus variants such as Omikron, it is important and necessary to have clear action plans in case of high growth dynamics or in case of overload The health system can be implemented very quickly,” says the strategy paper. Basic legal requirements for an emergency circuit breaker should be established as quickly as possible. “The set of rules should be the same for all federal states in order to enable clear communication and planning.”

Experts note that hospital incidence thresholds of 6.0 (critical) and 9.0 (extremely critical) have already been exceeded in most federal states. The hospitalization incidence rate – the number of COVID-19 patients admitted to clinics per 100,000 residents within seven days – now plays a key role in assessing the incidence of infection, but given the sometimes severe delays in reporting, the value in the statistics usually appears to be significant. Less than it actually is.

Vertex hasn’t been reached yet

Group to the next to say that the peak of the current wave has not yet been reached Pressman Also from the Max Planck Institute for Dynamics and Self-Regulation (Göttingen) also include epidemiologist Eva Grill and intensive care physician Christian Karaganides. The number of infections with the delta variant continues to rise significantly. Accordingly, models show that with vaccination and booster rates ranging from 1 to 2 percent of the population per day, peak values ​​of seven-day occurrences in December are reached.

It follows from these forecasts that the peak pregnancy in intensive care medicine is expected to be at the end of December and mid-January. for this stage Hospitals Experience maximum support. “Clinics must urgently prepare for the fact that the workload will be at its peak here.” Focusing on emergencies and urgent interventions is essential.

The group of experts said the maximum value for intensive care patients will likely be higher than in previous waves. Appropriate treatment is only possible if the patients are evenly distributed throughout Germany. To this end, strategic transportation must be greatly expanded and all hospitals must be required to restrict regular operations.” This requires centralized, staff-based coordination under the unified leadership of the federal government.

According to experts, the central measure to slow or stop the rapid increase in infection and hospitalization is to vaccinate and boost at least 2% of the population per day – “because this will contribute significantly to sustainable accidents in the coming weeks lower”. “All other measures bridge the gap until sufficient immunity is built.” The introduction, implementation and monitoring of 3G to 2G-plus procedures and the wearing of medical mouth and nose protection are mentioned. “In federal states where overburden has already occurred, more far-reaching action is necessary if you are to reduce the overburden quickly.”


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