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Adele talks disembodied about her drinking habits

Youtube interview
Adele admits: ‘I would have fun drinking people if they were boring’

Adele conquers her album

Adele loves to have a glass of wine and even dedicated a song to the drink on her album “30”

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Adele was a guest on the popular YouTube format “Nikki Tutorials”. Here the singer was chatting, without any looks, about her drinking habits and her biggest makeup mishaps.

Singer Adele visited the YouTube format of Dutch beauty expert Niki de Jäger and publicly answered all of the 27-year-old’s questions. The two women drank a sip of alcohol and created the theme for the singer’s drinking habits. This showed that she loves to have a drink at parties, especially when the audience seems a bit boring. “I would have fun drinking for people if they were boring,” Adele joked.

The singer, who has just released her fourth studio album ’30’, attended the YouTube interview without makeup and asked the expert to apply her makeup while speaking. Video Highlight: Only half of Adele’s face was made. So the audience had a great comparison before and after the musician.


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On her current album, Adele dedicated her own song to alcohol, which is called “I Drink Wine” and deals with issues of self-esteem, the impact of the environment, and of course love.

Even Without Alcohol: This Was Adele’s Biggest Makeup Flaw

Of course, Adele and Nikki de Jager also talked about her biggest beauty mishaps in her makeup video. The British woman admitted that she was generally not talented at putting on makeup, and that her biggest mistake was probably when she was in school. Here she was inspired by “gothic girls” and wore lip gloss as eye shadow. What happened next was real makeup, because the mascara used on the eyelashes stuck and smeared on the eyelid. Adele also revealed another secret. Unlike her album “25”, she did not play the guitar nor the drums on the album “30” The simple reason: she did not want to part with her long false nails.

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