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Gin gifts: 5 special party bottles

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Pure gin or with sparkling refreshing water. One or two bottles of juniper schnapps belong in every good (special) bar. Top 5 gift ideas for our author.

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Spirits are one of the most common gifts that end up under the tree at Christmas. But how do you find the right bottle for your father, grandfather or son-in-law? Five special shops to give up.

Over 20 million bottles of gin were sold in Germany in 2020. This makes juniper spirit one of the most popular of all. Unfortunately, gin beginners in particular lose their thirst quickly when they stand in front of the gin rack at the beverage store or supermarket. In this country alone there are hundreds of lotions on the market. New ones are added every day. Our author has already tried a few. Here is the “Best of Gin 2021”. Allow yourself to be inspired.

1. Bareksten Gin

I probably wouldn’t have discovered this particular bottle without my wife. On my summer vacation in Usedom, she sent me to a clothing store on the beach promenade. I have to look for a cool shirt out there. I actually found it in this store, which I probably would never have entered. Plus a pair of jeans and a bottle Bareksten vegetarian gin. You can do something like this on vacation. The guy who recommended the Norwegian juniper drop reminded me of a fur seal. A full beard is fully tattooed and completely fascinated by a special spirit. A small sample was enough to convince me of this gin dream. Potato brandy, mainly refined with herbs and berries from the forests of Norway, contains 46% alcohol by volume. Perhaps the berries are too much for fans of classic juniper notes. Anyway, my current number is 1.

2. Juniper Jack Navy Strength

This shot of gin comes from my home in Saxony. With 57.2% volume Juniper Jack Navy Strengt Its Norwegian counterpart is clearly in place. Siegbert Hennig and Jörg Fiedler have been tinkering with and experimenting with juniper cones from a Croatian national park in a Dresden distillery since 2013. Future former chancellor Angela Merkel sniffed and tried the result a few years ago and called this honest sip a “juniper bomb.” If you love gin in its latest form, Juniper Jack is the place for you. All distillates containing more than 57% alcohol by volume are allowed to “decorate” themselves with the Marine Strength Mark. In the case of Juniper Jack, you get an unfiltered dripper to kneel down. I was startled. If you like it less violent, you can use the alternative Juniper Jack “Original”This is in the same league as gin in terms of taste.

3 – Franconian Shades of Dry Gin (Iced)

He is also a tempting acquaintance while on vacation Franconian shades dry gin. Instead, I noticed a somewhat shabby wooden house on a family vacation in Franconian Switzerland. I read “tasting gin” there and couldn’t believe it. We stopped for a second time and actually showed up for a small unplanned tasting. An upscale Franconi from a small family factory in the Heroldsbach community of Forchheim ended up in a backpack. subordinate Franconian shades dry gin. A touch of fresh mint and subtle notes of lavender and lemon convinced my surprising taste buds. I came up with the latest “iced” innovation, which captured my heart when I filled it with a sleek white bottle. The host automatically donates a small bottle of matching tonic water. In short: This gin is great fun on its own and as an invigorating drink.

4. From Haller Jen

A few years ago I found this handmade gin in the lobby of a conference hotel in Northem, Lower Saxony, and I couldn’t resist. Bottle fell on suspicion from Haller Jen Plus elegant puffed gin cups as a keepsake in your luggage. The plants of the van Haller gin are said to have been brought to the botanical garden in Göttingen by a physician, naturalist and poet named Albrecht as early as the 18th century. There are wonderful plants such as lemon verbena, which is a rare species of fuchsia and German ginger. No, I have not tasted any of these plants yet. However, I love Von Hallers, which is remarkably lively when mixed with a tonic. Especially sensitive tongues should not miss the mild taste of ginger. My insider advice for gin connoisseurs.

5. Hopfen Jane

Beer and gin – that makes sense. Is this really true? Two master brewers and brewers at the Moritz Fiege Family brewery in Bochum have been investigating this question for a long time. The result was, among other things Lycormacher Hopfen Jane, which I recently discovered on the shelf of a store, which of course ended up right in my cart. at 42% of the volume, which is rather at the lower end of what is required by law. If you take it up the nose, the gin initially exudes a classic juniper scent. The comic note remains somewhat blurred in the background. The aroma of hops comes to the fore only when you try it out. What remains is an exciting duet that attracts gin lovers and beer drinkers in terms of taste. Hop gin should taste especially delicious as a long drink with a bit of black beer syrup. very well!

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