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Roomba j7+ in hands-on test: This vacuum robot shouldn’t knock anything

Roomba j7
More than just sucking: This robot must recognize obstacles and not knock on anything

Like its predecessors, the j7 can also be controlled via Alexa

Like its predecessors, the j7 can also be controlled via Alexa

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The new Roomba has an HD camera, so it recognizes any obstacle and its AI understands the characteristics of the house. It works well at first and the system gets better over time.

the new Roomba j7 He wants to set new standards with a high-resolution camera and smarter navigation. The hands-on test checks if this also works. The new J7 should be more careful and intelligent. If you unpack the device, the vacuum cleaner is less noticeable than the suction station, which deposits dirt from the vacuum cleaner in a bag. It is included in the more expensive j7+ devices. The station is slightly wider and lower than the previous station. This makes it possible to make it visually disappear under the console or table. With a small leather bow, the box actually looks more homely. Another advantage compared to cheap appliances: the vacuum cleaner is partially parked below the station, which means that the floor area is smaller.

Technically based on i7

The new trademark j7 It basically looks like the older i7. The motors, the brushes, the dust chamber – they are all identical. However, the compression sensor of the old device was dispensed with. New is a high-resolution front camera and a small headlight. For the result, it is better if the robot works in the light. It looks even more interesting when he draws his tracks behind a cone of light in the dark at night.

To be smart – that’s what many robots promise these days – but how smart is Roomba really? Lab tests provide little information on this because the robots should only find their way into a small test room and not in a complex floor plan. Functions like Roomba’s smart map are not queried in this way. The main focus in developing Roomba robots is that the machine can find its way back to the station as often as possible without human assistance. This makes j7 run with caution. To do this, he often drove across the room. They sometimes tend to turn off the main brush on carpets with very long fibers. As a result, it takes longer, but the advantage is that it does not risk being exposed to some fools. An added advantage compared to other vacuum cleaners.

Job flood

To select a complex floor plan for the first time, the j7 needs a few days – even if you allow it to do mapping training. Once the map is designed, rooms can be named, the bot can be assigned individual tasks and restricted areas can be assigned. There may be customers who take advantage of full functionality, but many will not. The entire software skill still fails because the doors are locked. When vacuuming in the bathroom or bedroom, the door should usually be opened. Then we carry the robot directly to the scene rather than giving it the command to follow suit.

He admits a lot, but not everything

But now for the basics: the j7 is equipped with an HD camera. The so-called PrecisionVision navigation technology is not only used for navigation, but this camera is supposed to recognize and recognize objects with the help of artificial intelligence (AI). This sounds great, but it also means in plain language: the system learns. After a while it becomes wiser than it was at the beginning. If you encounter unknown objects that tend to be critical, include a picture of them in the map. The owner can now decide what to do here. For example, whether it is a temporary obstacle (lace-up sneakers) or a permanent source of danger (tangled cables under the desk). How well does detection work now? At first only obstacles are recognized. It does not cover very small flat objects such as coins. So the system will spare the Lego bricks. In the intricately designed apartment that is by no means perfectly tidy where it is j7 It was used, and the discovery worked very well. Not once did the machine strangle itself with laces or cables, in an unfortunate accident, it would eat itself at little things like a coin or a tie.

To get smarter and smarter

When working, the camera recognizes objects as obstacles and walks around them, as Roomba promises. This works fine too, but not one hundred percent. Likewise with many excuses.”hunting dogs“The results should be ‘mixed.’ As long as there’s a plush pile on the light tiles, the j7 will be able to recognize it. If there’s liquid flatbread lurking on the bot on a dark background, it won’t work. Essentially, it’s an AI-based system.” , so it should get better and better with experience and regular software updates.What you get now is only the first stage of development.And then it crashes and increased functionality is provided, just as you can easily buy spare parts and rechargeable batteries.

Camera recognition is the future in Roomba

Is j7+ worth it? The price including the suction station is a proud 999 euros – but it’s cheaper for promotions. Roomba vacuums always score very good suction power. You work not with a brush, but with two rubber rollers that rotate in opposite directions. So does j7. For him, more careful behavior means that he tends to take longer to complete a task than less intelligent machines. Much more important is that the machine does not get stuck somewhere and bite into the blinds or cables. The main feature, the high-resolution camera with object recognition, is not working perfectly yet, but it does work well. In any case, the future in iRobot depends on the camera, object recognition, and PrecisionVision navigation technology. So if you are thinking of buying a more expensive device from the market leader, it should be j7 or j7 + – because further software development will be associated with the camera. Unfortunately, with all the very tempting offers, you have to beware of fake stores.

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