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Sarah Engels: Your baby has arrived – the amniotic sac has burst during pedicure

The singer is the mother of one daughter
Sarah Engels reveals: Her amniotic sac burst during a pedicure

Sarah Engels

Sarah Engels: Your daughter is here and her name is Soliya Liana

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Sarah Engels reports from the hospital. The 29-year-old revealed, in a video clip on Instagram, the details of the birth of her daughter, Solia Liana.

singer Sarah Engels I became a mother for the second time. They gave birth to their daughter, Solia, Liana on December 2. The 29-year-old announced this in a post on her Instagram page. In addition, Engels informed her fans and followers in a story on Instagram. “We enjoy cuddling and getting to know each other,” she said in the video. “But I wanted to call you for a little while to let you know we’re okay and thank you for the good news.”

Additionally, Engels revealed details about the birth. Accordingly, her exploded amniotic sacWhile she was doing a pedicure and painted her toenails. Then she went into labour. The singer said, “It all happened so spontaneously. I wasn’t expecting it to happen that day. That was an experience, I have to tell you about it again.” “It was a very beautiful birth,” Engels continued. “It was very stressful, but very gentle.”

Sarah and Julian Engels: Pietro Lombardi congratulates the child

The former DSDS candidate has six-year-old son Alessio from her marriage to singer Pietro Lombard. She is the first child of her husband, soccer player Julian Engels, whom she married in May. He also gave birth to his daughter InstagramFamous page.


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Pietro Lombardi was one of the first to congratulate. He shared the post on an Instagram story and wrote, “Congratulations to your little princess. And if something is up, uncle is there.” He also commented on Sarah Engels’ contribution: “Oh my gosh and such a sweetheart. I wish you all the best, Uncle Pie. I saw the little one yesterday – she looks so rude. But the most important thing is that she’s healthy. Because I wanted her so much because I know what I’ve been through. Its when you were born with our cheeky badger. You are a wonderful family and if a little kid wants not the option for breakfast but chips – here I am.”

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