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Study: E-cigarettes increase risk of erectile problems

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According to the study, e-cigarettes increase the risk of erectile problems

man smoking an electric cigarette

A man smokes an electric cigarette. According to a study, smoking e-cigarettes increases the risk of erectile dysfunction.

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It is already known that cigarette smoking is detrimental to potency. But a study from the United States has now come to the conclusion that e-cigarettes can also contribute to erectile dysfunction.

“Smoking can lead to circulatory disorders and cause impotence”: This warning can be found on cigarette packages in Germany. In fact, smokers are more likely to suffer from ED than non-smokers. risk erection problems It increases as the number of smokers increases.

The toxins in tobacco smoke also attack the inner wall of blood vessels (the endothelium). This makes it less flexible. This, in turn, causes the blood vessels to weaken in their ability to contract and expand. This is too erectile tissue from the affected penis.

But not only regular cigarettes are able to cause erection problems, but also e-cigarettes, also known as e-cigarettes. This is the conclusion of a study from the United States, which was conducted in “American Journal of Preventive Medicine” has been published. Many people turn to e-cigarettes because they consider them to be a healthier alternative to tobacco products.

Daily e-cigarettes increase the risk of infection

The study used data from a nationally representative study with more than 13,000 men who were also electronic cigarettes He expressed. Thus, men who smoke e-cigarettes every day are more likely to have erectile dysfunction problems than men who have never smoked e-cigarettes.

The researchers wrote: “While first-generation ENDS (electronic nicotine delivery devices) delivered lower levels of nicotine, many newer ENDS devices, combined with the higher nicotine content in currently available e-liquid, could provide higher levels of nicotine. effective nicotine. cigarettes receipt.”

Nearly half of the participants (53 percent) were former cigarette smokers, 21 percent were current cigarette smokers, and 14 percent had consumed other tobacco products.

E-cigarettes: nicotine affects the blood vessels

According to the study, ample evidence indicates that nicotine inhibits vasodilation and decreases blood flow, “which impairs normal erectile function and negatively affects male sexual performance.”

But the study also notes that: “Those who engaged in weekly physical activity were less likely to develop erectile dysfunction than those who did not report physical activity.” According to this, other studies already have a relationship between the level of nicotine content in cigarettes and the likelihood of this happening Erectile Dysfunction shown.

Scientists confirm that this is the first population study to report the relationship between ENDS use and erectile dysfunction. However, they came to the conclusion that e-cigarette use could be associated with erection problems regardless of age and risk factors.

However, the researchers concluded that a long-term study of the long-term health effects of e-cigarettes is needed to clarify whether EDS use is an independent risk factor for erectile dysfunction.

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