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The old king of Spain: Will Juan Carlos stay in Abu Dhabi after all?

ancient king of spain
Will Juan Carlos stay in Abu Dhabi after all?

The old king of Spain Juan Carlos

What is the next step for the old King of Spain Juan Carlos? Photo: Francisco Flores Segel/Agencia Ono/dpa

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Christmas with the family – For the ancient King of Spain Juan Carlos, this will likely remain a dream.

The old king was harassed for allegations of corruption Juan Carlos Christmas has to be spent away from home in Spain for the second time in a row.

Investigation of the 83-year-old’s father King Philip VI. And Spanish media, citing judicial circuits, reported that (53), contrary to expectations, will not be stopped soon. It said Attorney General Dolores Delgado had signed a decree extending the investigation for six months. Authorities confirmed the reports on Friday at their request. Otherwise, the deadline for the investigation will expire on 17 December. However, no charges are still expected.

His daughter visited him

Juan Carlos has been living in exile in Abu Dhabi, away from Ms. Sophia (83), and the rest of the family for about a year and a half. He had secretly left his home on August 3, 2020 – it was said in a letter published later – in order to “facilitate” Felipe’s work against the background of the allegations. In Abu Dhabi, according to the media, only his daughters Elena (57 years old) and Christina (56 years old) have visited him so far. Sayings and pictures of the man who took over the presidency between 1975 and 2014 Spain It was, hardly. Nor did the royal family make any statements about the situation of Juan Carlos.

The Spanish media had repeatedly reported in recent weeks that Juan Carlos had missed Spain and his family more and more and was confident that he would lose him. Christmas I will be able to spend in Madrid. “One thing is certain now, at the moment he can’t go back,” said La Vanguardia’s royal house expert, Mariangel Alcazar, on Friday. It is said that King Philip refused to return before the investigation was over.

Spanish authorities have opened a total of three investigations against Juan Carlos. Among other things, it concerns suspected money laundering and tax fraud, alleged bribery payments during the construction of a high-speed railway in Saudi Arabia, revenue from unauthorized donations, as well as secret bank accounts abroad. To avoid criminal proceedings for tax fraud, Juan Carlos initially paid well 678,000 euros at the end of 2020, and in February of this year paid another 4.4 million euros in tax debts, his lawyer confirmed.


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