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Tony figurines for sale: save up to 33% now

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Tony figurines: Best performances for owls, mice, and your “friends”

Tony figurines on display: A box of six Tonys

Music, bedtime stories, and audiobooks: Tonies are among the most popular playmates in children’s rooms. In this article you can find out what numbers you can currently save money on.

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Tonieboxes are one of the most popular tech toys for kids. This is mainly due to the magical Tonie characters to collect, which give the chest its sound. These are currently the best deals on Amazon, Alternate, MyToys and Thalia.

Small gifts are known to preserve friendship. For the little ones, it makes kids’ eyes shine. If you get the right thing. Tony’s characters have found a home in many of the children’s rooms. And new artists keep moving. Is their stage, the Toniebox, set up, or the choreographed characters sing lovingly or telling their audience to sleep. Others take children of all ages on exciting adventures. Tonies are a popular gift on children’s birthdays, but they are also a gift for Santa Claus or Christmas. You can find out what Tonie’s numbers are currently shown in this article.

Statues of Tonie on display at Alternate

In addition to the best “Your Friends” (10.99€ instead of 14.99€) The variant currently has these Tony numbers on display.

Harmony Discounted On Amazon

Tony’s shows in Thalia

Figurines of Tony on display at My Toys

Tonibox: That’s the principle

One Tonibox It is a child-friendly audio player that works with a simple and smart principle. That is, without a real sound transmitter. Once you purchase a Tonie character, the associated audio data is downloaded from the Internet (from the servers of the manufacturer Toniebox). For this, the corresponding Tonie must be on the Toniebox and the box must be connected to a WLAN. complete. Toniebox now activates radio plays, music, fairy tales or corresponding stories as soon as Tonie enters the stage. Thanks to the magnets, the figures stick so well to the box that the children can dance with them or at least run around the apartment. Ears of different sizes act as volume controls. To protect parents’ listening devices, headphones can be attached to the box. here are these Tony Lasher in different colors.

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