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Actor: Bleptro used to forge his mother’s autograph

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Bleptro used to forge his mother’s signature

Moritz Bleibtro

Moritz Bleptro plays the role of art forger Konrad Kugau in the new series “Faking Hitler.” Photo: Marcus Schulz / D

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Forging a parent’s signature on an apology at school – this is what a lot of people used to do. Also actor Moritz Bleptro. However, he failed to get another signature.

Hamburg representative Moritz Bleibtro Sometimes he forged his mother’s signature when he was a teenager.

“Mine Mother Fortunately he has a very simple one. I’ve done that several times. But that’s the only thing I faked.” He basically used that to justify not having to go to school.

“Or if you have to give something to believe. When I heard a letter like that saying, “Your son has acted so horribly. Draw and read.” Then I did too.” His mother didn’t know it. “But I told her at some point.”

‘Hitler’s fake’

In the new series “Faking Hitler” available on streaming service RTL+, Bleibtreu plays the role of an art forger. Konrad Kogao. He forged Adolf Hitler’s diaries in the early 1980s and sold them to the news magazine Stern for a lot of money. The scandal was revealed a little later. Lars Edinger, Daniel Donskoy, Ulrich Tukur, and Sene Erslinger play alongside Plepterius in the six-part series.

double hand

In the series, he did not himself control the scenes in which he, like Kogao, forged Hitler’s writings. “Of course not. They found a good double hand.” He’s still impressed today that his colleague Uwe Ueschenknecht in “Schunk!” He wrote large portions of the diary himself. “That’s impressive. He must have sat on it for a long time. I really couldn’t do it well.”


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