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Christmas gifts for men: 8 trends and creative ideas

How time passes! Looks like we just celebrated the New Year – and Christmas is just around the corner. And with it the necessary question: What should I give to my loved ones?

According to the post statistics Coupons (cash) are still among the most popular Christmas gifts – closely followed by books and/or e-books, food, games, events, and clothing (as of 2019). This is primarily practical, but not particularly creative. This is also the reason why we often find it difficult to find a suitable gift for someone close to our hearts. After all, we don’t want to give friends, partners, colleagues, or family members the impression that we didn’t put any effort into choosing a gift. But what can you do in the present, for example, to surprise someone you have known for a long time? Because it is precisely then that every year it becomes more difficult to find something that you do not have yet. If you are still searching for the right Christmas gifts for men, the following ideas may help you find something you have not given anyone before.

1. Wristwatch

If they could be more expensive, high-quality wrist watches are the perfect Christmas gifts for men: no matter if they’re from Hugo Boss or fossilAnd Tommy Hilfiger or diesel – Each model is sent in a matching gift box so that it reaches the recipient undamaged. Before deciding to buy a watch, you should think about which model is most suitable for who is giving the gift. An important indicator of his style: does he prefer to wear sporty, elegant, fashionable or elegant clothes? Here you can take inspiration from the style of clothing and choose a trendy watch or bracelet to suit the wearer’s style.

2. Star Wars

What could be more suitable for die-hard Star Wars fans than a merchandise item based on the George Lucas films that not only looks beautiful, but has a practical use as well. like toasterThe one that looks like Darth Vader’s head or head popcorn making machineWhich looks like a death star. but also R2D2-3D-KeksdoseStar Wars dies-wiper or –sheep, you eye Salt and pepper shaker In the form of Darth Vader and Stormsoldier or that Darth Vader Waffle Iron It is not despised in any way.

3. Taste the gin

In recent years, gin has become a real drink – especially with tonic water. So it is not surprising that there are now colorful potpourri of different brands and types that offer gin lovers different tasting experiences. But why not try something new? In this recipe book 150 different drinks waiting to be tried. But things get even more exciting when you make your own gin: In this group You will find everything you need. Last but not least, there are also a variety of goodies gin spicesThat only aims to be a classic Jane Tonic In addition to fine-tuning.

4. Roast tray set

Guys who love to grill usually don’t wait until summer to sizzle a piece of meat outdoors. Alternatively, the grill is also turned on in the winter when the weather permits. Anyway, you can collect points here if you do this 28-part component barbecue case Donates. It has everything you need for grilling: spoon, fork, pair of tongs, grilling mat, baking brush, grill brush, brush hand, meat thermometer, table knives and forks, shakers, eight corn holders and four skewers – all made of stainless steel.

5. Personal Tool

Christmas gifts for men should be practical in the first place, but they can still use the personal touch. Gadgets in particular provide the perfect opportunity to engrave something into them – whether it’s a nice saying, a kind greeting, or just the name of the person who will be giving the gift. Hammer Wood or metal For example it provides enough space to leave a personal message on it. Instead there is too foldable basesAnd Soul Levels or ToolboxesYou can engrave it. However, make sure beforehand that there are no misspellings in your message, because once it’s engraved, it can’t be changed anymore.

6. Whiskey stones

Good whiskey has its proud price—and even more annoying is the fact that regular ice cubes dilute the taste of the fine drop once it melts. What’s called whiskey stonescan be reused. They should only be placed in the freezer four hours in advance and then refrigerated any alcoholic beverage that tastes better on its own. Packaged as a gift set, this little trick is the perfect gift for guys who love to drink whiskey. Alternatively, there are also stones stainless steel.

7. Marvel and DC

Whether it is Hulk, Spiderman, Deadpool, Batman, Thor or Captain America: not only comics, but also films have long since achieved cult status. So it’s no surprise that there are so many Avengers and other superhero merchandise from Marvel and DC that make men’s hearts beat faster – from bathrobe above House cleaning reach to bed linen And PillowAnd coasters And oven gloves You can choose from many different products. And best of all: theirs too miscreants In the comic, there are a bunch of funny gadgets that will definitely look great under the Christmas tree. However, pay attention to delivery times here, as some items may take a longer journey.

8. Beer bra set

If the person receiving the gift loves to drink beer, this kit is just the thing: it not only contains all the ingredients you need to brew it yourself. Christmas beer But also the five-liter barrel corresponding to the fermentation tank. The preparation itself takes only ten minutes – and after seven days you can drink the result. Special notes like orange, juniper berries, cinnamon, cloves, colored pepper and anise give the beer a Christmas flavor. If you prefer it tastes like a real hop drink, you’ll find out Here Also a classic beer brewing set with common ingredients as a Christmas gift.

And another tip at the end:
If you don’t find what you’re looking for here, you can also give away an Amazon coupon. You determine the value of the goods yourself, in this way the recipient can fulfill a personal desire. Here You will find overview of coupons, packaged in a Christmas gift box.

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