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Covid vaccination with the wrong arm: the Italian wanted to cheat in a ridiculous way with the Covid vaccination

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In the wrong arm of real evidence: an Italian wanted to cheat absurdly with the Covid vaccine

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In Italy, almost nothing works without the so-called “Green Corridor”. A guy wanted to sneak him into a rather silly act.

It looks like an act of comedy. Because he does not want to be vaccinated against the Corona virus, he started Italian Thursday evening with a ridiculous plan: Instead of his, he extended a rubber arm to the doctors at the vaccination station. Now he faces the consequences.

The arm looked like a real looking prosthetic silicone circulating, according to regional director Albert Serio in a Facebook post. However, no one fell into the brazen deception. The vaccinator immediately noticed the strange color of the arm and asked the man to take off his shirt. It was blown up. “He looked at me half-smiling and asked me to give him the shot anyway and pretend I didn’t see anything,” the doctor told La Repubblica.

Strict rules in Italy

Possibly the reason for the charade is the draconian COVID measures that are being taken Italy You want protection from the outbreak of a renewed epidemic. “I need a vaccination to be able to continue working,” said the doctor’s husband. From Monday, stricter rules apply in Italy. After the “Green Passport” is required to work since October, which corresponds to German 3G (vaccinated, restored and tested), from Monday the “Ultra Green Passport”, which corresponds to German 2G. Without vaccination, you will no longer be allowed to work in many professions. According to media reports, the vaccinator was supposed to be a dentist.

The 57-year-old was reported to the local police. Although it is a vaccination station without an appointment, he can be quickly identified because he has already entered his data. He will have to respond in court.

“This case would have been almost ridiculous if it weren’t for such an important topic,” said Regional Director Sirio. “When you look at the enormous sacrifices our entire society has made, from human lives to the social and economic costs, it’s just unacceptable.”


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