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Ischgl starts the ski season with Corona rules (video)

See the video: for example-CoronaHotspot Ischgl ski season begins.

The season opens with the most beautiful sunshine and snow I miss you Friday. The Austrian ski resort achieved great fame as a Corona hotspot in 2020. Because from here the virus spread all over the world at the beginning of 2020. Part of the responsibility was, among other things, the vast après-ski scene, which at that time was still Carefree with the possibility of cross infection. Obviously, this is different today. Because the ski area is currently open to visitors and locals only. Silvretta Bahn co-manager Günther Zangerl said on Friday in Ischgl: “We don’t expect a rush of visitors now, because only guests can come to their homes on the same day. This means that overnight guests are 100% absent. It will certainly be It’s the case some would like to see. Some might also say: Yes, we like to ski in Ischgl when it’s less crowded. But for sure there will be thousands of guests in the ski area over the weekend.” But with ski enthusiasts, optimism and a more realistic approach prevail: “We have something to eat with us. It suits us. We are here to ski, not to celebrate.” “Loaves. Loaves with me. Capri Sun.” – “Like antiquity.” – “Twix, Raider, Twix, and Two Ballisto.” “It’s really nice to go skiing again after two years. I haven’t skied for a long time and with the weather, of course, the first day was the perfect allow them to ski on the slopes.” Despite the great conditions, there was still plenty of space on the slopes on Friday. According to the lift operator, there were about 2,500 ski enthusiasts outside. However, before the pandemic, companies often had nearly ten times that number on good days. The opening of the ski season was restricted to winter sports enthusiasts who could prove they had been vaccinated or recovered. In addition, there are mask and minimum distance requirements for lifts and gondolas.

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