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Pietro Lombardi congratulates former Sarah Engels on her birth: ‘Uncle is here’

Ex-couple of DSDS
“Uncle Is Here” – Pietro Lombardi kindly congratulates his ex-wife Sarah Engels on the birth

Sarah Engels is currently expecting her second child.

Sarah Engels is currently expecting her second child.

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Married drama about the Lombardi family kept the press busy for months. The birth of Sarah Engel’s second child now shows how far they have come.

At first they were the perfect couple, then there was a huge drama about the divorce. Pietro Lombardi and his ex-wife Sarah Engels They’ve been through a lot together. Now Sarah has a daughter with her second husband, Julian Engels. And Pietro is one of the first to congratulate.

And the singer, in a story on Instagram, posted a photo of the parents’ hands and their daughter, Solia Liana, who was born on Thursday. “Congratulations on your little princess,” he told the parents identified in the post. He adds: “If there is something, the uncle is there.”

“naughty” and healthy

Even under Sarah’s birth post, it was like that Petro I mentioned to speak. He reveals that he has already seen the little one. He explains affectionately that she seems totally “rude”, she and her parents are a “great family”. Above all, it is important to him that Sarah and her daughter will be after birth. “[…] I wanted it so much because I know what I went through when I was born with our cheeky badger,” says Pietro, recalling the birth of their son Alessio (6). He was born in 2015 with a heart defect, the young parents had a lot of worries.

It can’t be taken for granted that Petro and Sarah get along so well today. The two 29-year-olds met in 2011 during the eighth season of “Deutschland sucht den Superstar”, which was won by Petro. The two married in 2013. When it became known in 2016 that Sarah had cheated, the relationship between the two ended in a month-long mud battle. Later, the two became closer again through their son.

For Pietro himself, things are going rather mild: the singer had to cancel his tour this week due to the pandemic. He could still play three concerts, then pulled the emergency brake due to Corona. “I hope you understand me, it’s a really tough decision,” he said on Instagram in a video. His residential area is far from ideal: Lombardi has been living in the hotel for four months because he left his home to his friends Oliver and Princess Bucher, who were affected by the floods, and their children. At least he was offered an alternative this week: “He can also stay with us at the guesthouse if he’s looking for an apartment,” His mentor Dieter Bohlen invited him to Instagram.

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