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Wedding Anniversary Gifts: Ten Ideas for Couples

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Wedding Anniversary Gifts: 10 Romantic Ideas for Your Loved One

Many couples give gifts for their wedding anniversary

Many couples search for the perfect wedding anniversary gift every year

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Giving gifts to each other on their wedding day is a tradition for many couples. However, with each year of marriage, thoughts that bring joy to your better half fade away. Perhaps it doesn’t have to be a very big gesture – small gifts also guarantee sweet moments for two.

How great the love between two people can be determined by an amount of money – not even on the day of the wedding. So why give expensive gifts when the main thing is to celebrate life together? If you still want to surprise your loved one with something small, ten romantic gift ideas in the following list all have one thing in common: time for two.

1. Question game

The longer two people have been married to each other, the more they know each other—or at least think so. If you want to get to know your husband or wife better, this game is a nice gift for couples on their wedding anniversary: ​​it contains 100 deep questions that provide not only funny moments, but also intimate moments for two and should further strengthen the relationship. Here you get the question game.

Second short trip

Whether in Germany, Austria or Switzerland: with this voucher you can offer your better half of a special kind of adventure. There are over 1,000 different Jochen Schweizer experience options that you and your partner can choose from – kayaking, tandem bungee rides, alpaca trekking or a couple photo shoot. The choice of dates is flexible. Adventure Chest is available here.

3. Photo album

Nowadays, few people are bothered to put their best memories in a photo album. The images are saved in the mobile and are forgotten. So why not take the time to stick photos of shared experiences into an album and give them away on your wedding day? In this version with faux leather cover there are 60 pages made of black photo paper. Here’s the album.

4. Wine tasting (online)

Do you enjoy having a good glass of wine with your husband or wife? Then we have the right wedding anniversary gift: a 35-minute wine tasting at Jochen Schweizer’s four private walls. The special thing about it is that you can not only sample six different wines (Secco, Riesling, Pinot Blanc, Scheurebe, Rosé wine and Dornfelder), but also get a behind-the-scenes look at the winery. Click here to get the coupon.

5. Nudelmaschine

Is cooking your common hobby? Then ditch the homemade pasta machine—like lasagna, fettuccine, or tagliolini. The device is available in four different colors which are necessary pasta dryer Still need to buy separately. You will find a match here Great selection of recipe ideas for new pasta creations. And here you get the device.

6. Marriage Contest

Again, this test is all about finding out how much you already know about your significant other. Questions (What can’t he do? Go. The small block fits in every handbag and can be used on long car trips, on vacation or just for fun. Take the test here.

7. Swimming pool

Why should you always give each other gifts on your wedding day? You can also buy something together that both of you can benefit from – for example a garden pool (if you have one). Where you can make yourself comfortable on hot days and enjoy the symbiosis to the fullest. Or with the whole family, it will be large enough. Here you get the swimming pool.

8. What I love about you

Warning, now it’s getting a little cheesy, but also romantic: this book is a true symbol of love. It contains questions and answers that you can select to help you express your feelings in words. Take your time to write a few lines for your loved one. This gives a wedding gift a very personal touch, even if it takes a little effort. You can get the book here.

9. Date your babe

This Amorelie couple gift box contains a few slippery products that can provide more variety in your love life, such as: vibrating egg, rod ring with vibrating, satin ribbon, massage candle and lubricant. If you want to try something new and surprise your husband or wife with sex toys, then this box is the right wedding gift. Get the package here.

10. Donate money

If you have no idea for a meaningful wedding gift, you can donate some money together. There are a lot of organizations like this German Red Cross or Doctors without borderswho defend the needy. Instead of doing something good for yourself, you can do something good for others here. And if the amount is small: every penny counts.

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