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Auction: The German Navy sells the frigate “Lower Saxony” to the highest bidder

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The German Navy sells the frigate “Lower Saxony” to the highest bidder


“Neidersachsen” in Vernbandsfahrt.

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The Bund no longer needed an old frigate. The “Niedersachsen” is located in Wilhelmshaven and will be auctioned off in January.

Vebeg, a federally owned trust for sale of federal property, auctions no longer needed state equipment. There you can buy ordinary cars, as well as fire brigades, military trucks, office equipment and sewer inspection systems. But now a very special piece is on display.

The Navy is auctioning a full-size frigate.

cold war ship

Niedersachsen, which will now be changed, belongs to the Bremen class. The frigates of this class were the first expressive guided missile ships of the Bundeswehr. Since 1982, eight ships of this type were put into service, the second model was the “Nedersachsen”.

Frigates were children of the Cold War. Multipurpose combat ships were equipped with guided weapons and the primary purpose of which was to protect the transatlantic supply lines from Soviet submarines. On board are two C-Linux helicopters. After the end of the Soviet Union, ships were used for various tasks. “Working horses” participated in almost all naval operations. In the absence of a modernly equipped enemy, it was not noticed that the ships’ equipment had become visibly outdated despite some updates. In 2014, Niedersachsen did its last active mission (Operation Active Endeavor) and an honorable farewell tour with a pier in front of the Tower of London. At the end of 2014, it was decommissioned, in June 2015 it was finally decommissioned.

only for scrap

And now I landed on the leftovers of the federal government’s food, Fibig. The length of the frigate is 130 meters and weighs 3,680 tons. Almost everyone can bid on federal estate in Vebeg. The only requirement: As of January 1, 2022, you’ll need a commercial license from Vebeg, regardless of whether you’re bidding for cabinets or just cutlery. The European Union’s guarantee and liability rules make it virtually impossible to sell old shares to individuals.

Even with Niedersachsen, there is no guarantee that anything on board will continue to work. But they are only sold for the purpose of scrapping and disarmament. The rotating rings of artillery, torpedo weapons and rocket launchers, as well as leakage systems, bilge systems and ballast must be destroyed. Even the hull cannot be preserved.

Therefore only companies located in the European Union or Turkey are allowed to bid. Vebeg invites you to visit on January 13th. Marine enthusiasts don’t have to be sad, for a little crazy ship lover, the maintenance of the Niedersachsen is expensive.

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