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Car Accident – This Trick Brings More Insurance Money

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Car Accident – This Trick Brings More Insurance Money

After an accident, many trust their insurance company to have the best for the client in mind.

After an accident, many trust their insurance company to have the best for the client in mind.

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In many car accidents, customers donate cash because they trust the insurance company to take over responsibility for the damage. With this trick you can get more than 1000 euros.

The insurance company thinks of itself first and then thinks of the customer. Completely legal and apparently correct – but the insured still has more than 1,000 euros less in the account.

How does this happen and who does it affect? The procedure described by Finanztest cannot be used for every incident. Two conditions must be met: in the event of an accident, several parties must be “blame” – then the damage is divided between the parties involved using a stake. You also need to have fully comprehensive insurance. If you have only liability insurance and possibly also a partially comprehensive policy, you cannot follow the method described by Finanztest.

Not in every accident

For simplicity, typical calculations assume that two people were involved, both of whom were 50 percent involved in the accident. In the case of unsuspecting customers, the insurance industry proceeds as follows: the corresponding liability first pays 50 percent of its damages. Then the remaining damage is taken from yourself Completely comprehensive Covered. Great, the average person thinks. 50 plus 50 equals 100 percent. And he is wrong, with this model he is left with a significant part of the costs.

How is that? Because liability and comprehensive insurance replaces different items. As a rule, comprehensive insurance does not compensate the appraiser or the rental car, and some other costs are not taken into account.

This does not have to be. At least if the customer uses his “privilege of stake”, which means, in simple terms, he can determine the order in which the insurance companies apply. The word “franchise quota” is rarely known, but it can mean real money.

The privilege of sharing magic words

In the sample accounts for the financial test, the smart customer proceeds as follows: First, they call their fully comprehensive insurance and ask them to settle 100 percent of the damage to the vehicle. Only with me the job for which comprehensive insurance does not fully take over the responsibility, and then switches to the corresponding liability. For some items, it’s not just 50 percent offset, but the full amount.

Highlight: Upgrading to fully comprehensive insurance is also a disadvantage. Unfortunately, the effects are no longer paid in one fell swoop, but must be claimed from the insurance company year after year after they occur. Background: If you no longer have any insurance, the damage will not happen.

In general, this method of regulation is more complicated, so one should consider hiring a specialized lawyer.

However, this model only works within certain limits because the opposing liability should not be put in a worse situation – the client’s “extra money” is ultimately at the expense of his or her entire comprehensive insurance. In the Finanztest example it looks like this: with total costs of 5600 euros, the insured person usually gets only 4300 euros. In the smartest way, he will receive 5,440 euros. That’s a total of 1,140 euros more.

You can take the entire test with valuable explanations for a fee here is reading.

Editor’s note: This is an updated version of the article. Our reader RA Franke kindly points to a change in jurisprudence.

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