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Ghislaine Maxwell: These celebrities must be shaking now

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Guilty verdict on those close to Epstein
After Maxwell’s verdict: These celebrities should shiver now

Jesslyn Maxwell

Jesslyn Maxwell 2015 in New York

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After a New York court finds guilty, Epstein’s former confidant, Ghislaine Maxwell, faces up to 65 years in prison. She can commute the sentence if she cooperates with the authorities – and provides names. It may be uncomfortable for Prince Andrew and two former US presidents.

Prosecutor Damian Williams called it “one of the worst crimes imaginable”. The twelve jurors in a New York court largely agreed and found the confidant of the late American millionaire Jeffrey Epstein, Jessalyn Maxwell, guilty of five out of six counts, including trafficking in minors.

The verdict has yet to be determined, but the 60-year-old could face up to ten years in prison. But there is one way to significantly reduce the sentence: if you cooperate with the authorities.

Until now Jesslyn Maxwell In court, he remained completely silent and refused to testify. But as she threatens to spend the rest of her life behind bars, she can change course and switch from secrecy to cooperation. Because the authorities are also interested in people who were part of Jeffrey Epstein’s network and who participated in parties where the investment banker, who died in 2019, brought underage girls to his guests.

Prince Andrew was a friend of Ghislaine Maxwell

Against one of these men, the next sensational trial could soon begin: On January 4th, a New York judge is set to decide whether to allow an indictment against Prince Andrew, the Queen’s second eldest son. He is accused of sexually assaulting minor Virginia Roberts Giuffre more than 20 years ago.

If brought to trial, it would – whatever the outcome – cause great harm to the British royal family. Maxwell can provide an interesting detail here: She was a friend of Prince Andrew.

Epstein confidants condemned: After Maxwell's verdict: These celebrities must shiver now

Maxwell also has to fear other notables: Two former US presidents were among Jeffrey Epstein’s circle of friends and are said to have flown regularly on his private jet: Bill Clinton and Donald Trump.

There are no specific allegations against the two statesmen – but Ghislaine Maxwell probably knows more. In the case of certification, the cards can be re-shuffled.

used source:“daily Mail”

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