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Lisbeth Cromer: Frank Bushman greets his grandmother on TikTok

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Lisbeth Cromer
Frank Bushman pays tribute to the grandmother of TikTok

Frank Bushman pays homage to the deceased TikTok star

Frank Buschmann pays tribute to deceased TikTok star “Lissi” Krömer.

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Famous TikTok grandmother Lisbeth Cromer has passed away at the age of 93. Many celebrities are now expressing their condolences for their grandson.

TV presenter Frank Bushman, 57, paid tribute to TikTok star Lisbeth “Lissi” Krömer, who passed away at the age of 93, on Instagram. And therefore Share a picture From the book “Mir noch woschd: Grandma’s Recipe for Happiness” that she and her grandson Christian Krumer (25) published together. He wrote, “Your relationship and bond have enchanted me from the start! You were so wonderfully different together from what we usually see today” and added a few heart emojis. “Grandma Lissi” is no longer here, but he is sure that such people will continue to live in the hearts of others. He also wishes her grandson and his family a lot of strength.

Bushman He directs the RTL show “Ninja Warrior”, in which Krömer’s grandson took part in 2020. The grandmother, well-known in social media, also appeared there.

Other stars show sympathy

Many stars insisted on expressing their deepest sympathies. Several celebrities commented on the video in which Lisbeth’s grandson announced the sad news.

Actress Veronica Ferris (56) wrote: “Dear Christian, I’m thinking of you powerfully. So much strength to you now and your family. I owe so many wonderful moments to your grandmother. She was an especially wonderful woman. I’ve never met her. My grandmother. My mother has been an angel for 21 years. And now you’re going to have a good time with her.”

Saliha “Sally” Ozkan, 33, on YouTube also shared the following comment: “My condolences, my dears” and gave a sad emoji and a broken heart. Presenter Paula Lambert, 47, commented: “I’m so sorry, dear Christian.” AWZ representative Stephan Böckelmann, 45, announced his condolences, saying, “My condolences. I wish you and your family a lot of strength at this difficult time.”

Grandma and grandchildren like TikTok stars

Grandma and grandson had videos from everyday life together He conquered the TikTok platform. As for their clips, which they showed while talking, cooking or small trips, they have almost 30 million views and they have 1 million subscribers.


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