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Pop singer Sasha gets annoyed before his fiftieth birthday

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Just before the fiftieth birthday: Singer Sasha gets angry with his eyes

Pop singer Sasha celebrates her fiftieth birthday

Singer Sasha is not satisfied with his eyes

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Pop singer Sasha is feeling calm about his 50th birthday next Wednesday, January 5 – although he now has problems with his eyes. But he wants to go on tour again in 2022.

Soon after New Year’s Eve there are pop singers Sasha (“If you believe,” “Schlüsselkind”) is another reason to celebrate. Because he will turn 50 next Wednesday. However, he now has problems with his eyes. “I was always proud that I could see well,” the German singer told the news agency. “That changed two years ago. At that time I lost 1 to 1.5 diopters in one fell swoop. That’s what bothered me.”

Otherwise, he doesn’t feel like he’s 50 years old. “But maybe this is a hormonal fallacy. Nobody tells me I also look at 50.” He loved hitting the stop button when he was in his mid-30s. “You’re super fit, you’ve already seen enough not to let yourself be deceived in your middle age.”

Sasha is planning a garden party and a tour

On the anniversary, the musician plans to go out to eat with his wife Julia. In the summer he plans to have a party in the garden. His fans also have something to celebrate next year.

In the fall, Westphalian, who has been living in Hamburg for years, wants to take a tour with his theatrical production “This Is My Time”. This should start on October 8 in Bremen and end on November 21 in Vienna.


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