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ZDF Announcer: Claus Kleber Transfer Runs Latest ‘Heut Magazine’

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Transfer Klaus Kleiber Runs Latest ‘Heut Magazine’


Clos Kleber focuses before supervising his latest broadcast in his “Diary of Excellence”. Photo: Ralph Orlovsky/ZDF/dpa

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Hewitt Magazine prepares for a celebratory farewell to Klaus Kleiber. Fellow Gondola Gause hails, “Go, an era is ending.” Finally, the mediator makes an appeal to the audience.

“Okay, that’s all he gets. 2,977 times. Today for another. Good evening.” ZDF announcer Klaus Kleber Goodbye “Hewitt Magazine” Thursday night after nearly 20 years.

The 66-year-old looked visibly affected and sometimes struggled with his voice when he made a self-drawn cardboard sign with the number 2977 in camera handle. His last sobriety ended with a long plea.

Kleber initially drew a bleak budget: “Anyone who works here every day to rhyme with Messages “He couldn’t help but look forward with concern,” said the journalist, who was dressed in a dark blue suit and burgundy tie. “The pandemic leaves many suffering, but it will pass. Nothing else. What is happening on the Ukrainian border and what could eventually happen in the Baltic states, the hard line from China. The dismantling of democracy in America that continues to erode. And the European idea that has lost its momentum – So is some of our momentum.”

“This doesn’t have to be everything.”

Kleber continued, “It doesn’t have to be all of this. We humans have the knowledge, technology, and historical experience to master all of this. For the first time, our tools are as powerful as our problems. It could be something. But it won’t work without a committed and informed audience. That’s why there must be a difference.” Editing, like the people behind this show, are passionate professionals who can compete every morning with the sole goal of giving the best show possible. Brave, without the pressure of cotta, immune to political attractors. A great team – and it exists.”

And the broker continued, “But it won’t work if we can’t convince you. This is all a video circus if you don’t take the time and effort to figure out what we’re doing. Committed and decisive. With the confidence we have to earn here every day.”

“Good evening and good luck”

Kleber concluded: “Every now and then the noses standing here change. For example now. Gondola stayed, I’m going, Christian Sivers is coming. It’s OK.” He said goodbye with “Good night, good luck and happy new year. Above all, thank you very much.”

Like the last scene that ZDF– The camera, he applauded with his colleague Gundula Gause. Gause had warmly thanked him beforehand: “We will miss you and I especially. Now I have to tell you something you don’t want to hear, but it must be said: You are leaving, an era is coming to an end.”


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