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American actress: The last “Golden Girl”: Betty White died at the age of 99

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American actress
Another ‘Golden Girl’: Betty White has died at the age of 99

Betty White

American actress Betty White passed away shortly before her 100th birthday. Photo: Paul Buck/EPA FILE/dpa

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Betty White discovered Instagram at the age of 93, and at 95 the actress wanted a new version of her hit series “Golden Girls”: now she has passed away at the age of 99.

Already in the late thirties Betty White Her first television appearance, and now her name in the Guinness Book of Records as a television artist with the longest career.

“There’s no secret behind it,” White, who became world famous with her sitcom “Golden Girls,” once said. “I am glad I could have had the career I had. I loved every minute I am grateful that people have been so kind to me all these years. I am the happiest old woman on two legs.”

White, who would have turned 100 on January 17, was the last “golden girl” remaining, and has now passed away at the age of 99, US magazines People and Deadline reported, citing director Jeff Fitgas. TMZ Promeport previously reported.

Twitter at 90, Instagram at 93

The actress with the characteristic appearance of a white-haired grandmother and a quick sense of humor remained decent, happy and inquisitive into her old age. At the age of 90, she sent her first message on Twitter, and discovered it at the age of 93 Instagram For herself, for her 95th birthday, she wanted a remake of the hit series “Golden Girls”, which ran in the USA from 1985 to 1992 and aired in Germany from 1990 onwards.

White played the naive widow Rose Nylund in the sitcom “Golden Girls” about four elderly women in a shared apartment. All her co-stars have died before her: mother to 2008’s Sophia (Estelle Getty), Dorothy (Beatrice Arthur) in 2009, and Blanche (Mc Clanahan Street) in 2010.

First roles in the late thirties

White, who was born in Illinois in 1922, started her career long before the “Golden Girls.” Right after high school in the late 30s and 40s, she got her first small roles Television And in the theatre. Even after “Golden Girls” she continued to get roles in TV and movies.

White, who has been married three times and has no children, has also worked as a producer and won dozens of awards, including several Emmys. “People grew up with me, they had kids, they grew up with me,” the actress once told the British Guardian. “They just think you belong.”

White has always been modest. “I don’t like going out for a fancy meal,” she once told Parade magazine. “I like simple things, sausages, hamburgers, french fries, without spices or sauces.”

For her 100th birthday on January 17, Wyatt was supposed to get a TV special as a gift. In “Betty White: 100 Years Young – A Birthday Celebration” stars like Ryan Reynolds and Robert Redford should celebrate. “Everyone loves to party — and this party is going to be great,” White told CNN.


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