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Mallorca in Crisis: Is the End of Ballermann Soon?

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Mallorca is in crisis
Is the end of the shooter threatening soon? But the party people have stamina

nick hops

Dominic Allwardt, aka Nick Hopfen, performs in Mallorca.

© Privat / Daniela Allwardt / DPA

The partisan tilt in Mallorca, which is especially popular with Germans, has been bothering politicians and businessmen on the island for years. But beer-loving people won’t be fired easily.

Platja de Palma is probably the most German place outside of Germany. The millions of tourists who celebrate there every year and really enjoy it, swear by the infamous Balerman cult status. But the 500-meter stretch of beach has long been a thorn in the side of Mallorca politicians.

The government regularly tightened the so-called code of conduct in order to put an end to the hustle and bustle. Success was limited. But what the laws failed in, Corona achieved. The party stronghold has been temporarily paralyzed by the epidemic. The future is uncertain.

“There is no longer any place on our island for tourists who drink alcohol,” says government spokesman Iago Negueruela. “We want to completely renew Ballermann. We don’t want to see more people getting drunk in the street. The current island government wrote the end of the partisan hype on the flags from the start.

This policy is supported by the owners of hotels and restaurants in the area who have come together to form the “Palma Beach” quality campaign. Usually these are providers in the luxury sector. “The hotel and restaurant industry has invested a lot of money in Platja de Palma in order to be able to offer high-quality tourism. This is being put at risk by beer-loving partygoers,” says Nigueruela.

Several five-star hotels and expensive restaurants have already opened in recent years. But there is still cheap alcohol for those who drink it cheerfully. “You can’t fill the cupboards with champagne alone,” says musician Dominique Allwardt. “Party tourists bring in money.”

“King of beer” competition

The 34-year-old from Dülmen, Münsterland, who appears under the artist name Nik Hopfen, is a newcomer to the scene. A year ago he recorded his first single. “Because of the pandemic, famous artists waited and didn’t release any new songs for a long time. This was an opportunity for newcomers like me.”

The singer dreams of appearances in large party temples. The nurse gained his first-stage experience in Platja de Palma at the beginning of the year at the Münchner Kindl. Landowner Gerlind Weininger would like to open Stormer Arena with ballermann singer Stefan Stormer next season. The disco is supposed to compete with industry giants “Bierkönig” and “Megapark”.

Mallorca in Crisis: Is the End of Ballermann Soon?  But the party people have stamina

As reported by the Mallorca Zeitung, the two temples are also planning a qualitative offensive for the upcoming season and no longer want to play classic songs. This would be a bold move – many hits are about excessive alcohol consumption.

Nick Hopfen also specializes in this with lines like “You should never lose hope.” “Fortunately, there is Stürmer-Arena, where songs are still allowed. But I can hardly imagine ‘The Beer King’ really banning songs,” said the concert singer. These songs are also celebrated in Germany.

Each person is responsible for himself. Just because the music is about drinking doesn’t automatically encourage people to drink. “No one wants to be banned from partying.

Celebrate while sitting

It remains to be seen what the season will look like next year. Some artists accuse the government of using the pandemic as an excuse to put an end to Ballermann. Due to the strict requirements for bars and discos, the “Megapark” is closed all year round. The “Bierkönig” was only allowed to party while seated, giving rise to the atmosphere of a beer garden. It was only vaguely reminiscent of the noisy celebrations of the past.

The endurance of the party should not be underestimated. When the nightly curfew ended in June, thousands of vacationers and locals flocked to Platja de Palma to let the pigs out. The police could not help but watch in the face of the helpless crowd.

However, Ballermann’s immediate future is initially closely related to the course of the corona curve. The numbers are currently rising again in Mallorca – the seven-day infection rate was over 220 at the end of December and the trend is on the rise. The plus is the high vaccination rate of 85 percent. “There will definitely be a season,” Hopfen says.

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