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New Year: This is what the stars want for 2022

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This is what the stars want for 2022

Petra Gerster finally wants to say goodbye to the epidemic.

Petra Gerster finally wants to say goodbye to the epidemic.

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The longing for a life without Corona also drives the stars. Petra Gerster alone does not want to “finally be able to say goodbye to the epidemic”.

Will the Corona situation finally recede in 2022? They want that too stars At the beginning of the year, as a survey of celebrities via the site in news programs.

Carefree without Corona?

author Petra Gerster (66): “Two stubborn chiefs should think about it and get vaccinated so that we can finally bid farewell to the epidemic.”

Actress Yasmina Filali (46 years old): “We have all become more beautiful than each other again. This is pandemic He has sometimes shown the not so beautiful sides of people, and I would be glad if we treated each other a little more kindly again.”

Artist Bruce Darnell (64): “For 2022, I hope we can all be comfortable again without Corona be able to live. Definitely health.”

“More calm among our people”

Actor Henning Baum (49): “In addition to world peace, charity and greater serenity, I would like our people to be more wonderful when it comes to other opinions. Above all, the return of the humor that we have gained so successfully over the past few decades, would be a very positive development. And it seems that More endangered than the gorillas in the Rwenzori Mountains.”

Actress Elena Oleg (46 years old): “The epidemic will finally end and my family will sail in good health.”

Singer Silva Gonzalez (42): “We are finally defeating the pandemic and being as before. I hope that family, friends and all other people stay healthy. May we have peace in the world and have the planet and preserve the environment for our children and grandchildren.”

The revival of the culture industry

Pop star Ben Zucker (38): “I hope soon we can experience our beautiful moments and experiences together again as usual, that the cultural industry gets back up and that we can experience a lot of concerts, without a mask and distance… and that we all continue to care about each other. Some and stay healthy.”

Moderator Jana Ina Zarella (45 years old): “Health – we know more than ever that this is the most important thing. I wish our children a normal life – they deserve it.”

Singer Mike Singer (21 years old): “I hope with all my heart that the Corona situation calms down and that we play our long-awaited tour.”


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