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Vanderhall Brawley: Everywhere

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Vanderhall Brawley
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Vanderhall Brawley

Vanderhall Brawley

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So far, mini-series manufacturer Vanderhall has made a name for itself among car and motorcycle enthusiasts, particularly with its sentimental tricycles like the Rifle and the Caramel. Now the Americans are ahead – with the electric-powered Brawley 4×4 off-road vehicle.

The new Vanderhall Brawley could not hide a certain resemblance to one of the other Jeep models, and this is not only due to the rounded headlights and grille ventilation. But with the four electric-studded tires at the corners of the climb limit and the aprons pulled upwards, the Brawley feels like a giant bathtub when it squeezes through woods and steppes. At just 3.75 meters long, the USA 2-Door Door offers space for up to four passengers inside. Propulsion is provided by four individually controlled electric motors on the front and rear axles, which together generate 295 kW / 404 hp and a maximum torque of 690 Nm. The customer can choose between two sets of batteries with a capacity of 40 and 60 kWh, which must be installed in the middle of the vehicle, allowing ranges of up to 320 km until the next charge stops. With the optional fast charging system, the large battery pack can be boosted to 80 percent in just under an hour.

For heavy duty off-road use, the cabin can be completely sealed against dust and sand. Inside there are four individual heated seats, air conditioning, and an immaculate cockpit without airbags. Instead of the now common large displays, the electric model offers two large clocks and one small circular clock behind the manual leather steering wheel. Otherwise, occupants are alone looking at a narrow battery of keys in the middle of the dashboard as well as the stowage and glove compartment. Wheelbase: 2.86 metres – great for off-roading at only 3.75 metres. If desired, the ceiling can be removed with a few handles. On request, the Brawley can be equipped with windshield wipers, heating, air conditioning or an audio system, but if you wish, you can have the minimal package without any comfort and all-wheel drive enjoyment in the field.

Off the particularly beaten track, there’s no stopping the Brawley, as the 35-inch studded tires limit the electric vehicle’s unusual front and rear length without any additional overhang. Its suspension distance is colossal at 56 cm, with which the pilot at the wheel can choose between four off-road modes Ecrab, Esteer, Etank and Ecrawl at speeds of up to 15 km / h, depending on the surface. The ATV can move as easily as a crab or climb and circle compactly in challenging terrain. But especially striking is the so-called Etank mode, in which the wheels on the left and right side of the car rotate in opposite directions like the chains on the tank, and thus can be rotated almost instantly. Useful on studded tires, the shock absorber overshoot and ground clearance of 46cm shouldn’t be enough to get you any further. In the United States of America Prices for Vanderhall Brawley currently start at $34,950. Reservations are accepted for as little as $100.


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