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You do not drink vodka alone with pickled cucumbers – instructions

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Vodka drinking instructions
You don’t drink vodka alone – and with pickled cucumbers

Two glasses of vodka with pickles

You don’t drink vodka alone – and with pickled cucumbers

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Anyone can drink vodka. But there are certain rules that must be observed with this drink. For vodka, pickled cucumbers are, so to speak, tequila lemons. Here you can find out why this happens and how vodka is really drunk in Russia.

Vodka, vodka, vodka – what would Russia be without its favorite national drink. This is never served as a tall drink or mixed with other liquids, as is common in bars in this country. No, there is pure vodka in Russia. And drinking vodka must be learned.

White tequila is traditionally infused with salt and lemon, licking the salt first, stirring the tequila, pinching your face and nibbling the lemon. Ah, what an experience. You don’t pour vodka like that. Here, however, the salt is untouched and does not bite into the lemon. It gets salty and sour after a vodka shot, too. Because in Russia people like to bite off a pickled cucumber after enjoying vodka. Yes, exactly, pickled. The hard bite is part of every vodka. Pickle is actually a must. Pickled tomatoes, mushrooms and smoked sausages are also popular. On the one hand to soften the taste, on the other hand to avoid getting drunk so quickly. A rule of thumb when it comes to vodka.

You don’t drink vodka without a toast

Another rule revolves around who drinks vodka. Because the Russian proverb says “drinking without a toast is an addiction to drinking” and this also applies to one who drinks alone. Toast is called after each dose of vodka of at least 50 milliliters. Only then drink vodka and always on the ex, not in between. (And no beer and wine with it, better a big glass of water). The first toast is pronounced by the host. Then health, happiness and love can be roasted. However, the most important toast goes to the women who are called at the height of the evening – true gentlemen, of course, defend this.

Bottles opened drunk

We already know that you should chomp on a pickled cucumber after your vodka shot. But vodka is drunk with food, not before and not after. And besides pickled cucumbers, Russians have a hearty meal: sausage, sauerkraut, homemade ham, bread, potatoes. Anything that creates a good foundation. In the tsarist era, people drank a glass of sunflower oil in front of vodka – to lubricate the throat, stomach and intestines and prepare them for vodka flows.

Another unwritten rule is that in Russia it will never, ever happen that an opened bottle is not drunk. On the one hand, it will be unfriendly to the guests and the host’s reputation for being stingy will fall. On the other hand, there are also historical reasons for this: in Soviet times, bottles of domestic vodka could not be sealed again. OK then, On gifts.

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