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Voice assistant: Stellantis is bringing Amazon’s Alexa into the cockpit

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Stellantis car group brings Amazon’s Alexa into the cockpit


Stellantis includes brands such as Chrysler, Opel and Fiat. Photo: Carlos Osorio/AP/dpa

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In a Peugeot, Opel or Fiat, a sound familiar to some can soon be heard behind the wheel. Parent company Stellantis wants to make the language assistant available in cars.

Amazon may reach a deal with the auto giant Stilants Securing a more prominent position in millions of future vehicles.

The group that includes brands such as Peugeot, Chrysler, Fiat and Opel want among others Amazon Including the Alexa voice assistant in its new digital cockpit, the companies announced Wednesday at the CES tech show in Las Vegas.

For the world’s largest online retailer, this is a success in the race, among other things, with Google for a place in the to me. The Internet group is also trying to reach its users in the car, among other things using the Google Assistant, Alexa competitor. With this deal, Amazon is also securing business for its AWS Cloud Services division, which will be used by Stellantis cars.

The car company decided to develop its own digital system cockpit The support has already been obtained from the Chinese contract manufacturer Foxconn, which is best known as the manufacturer of Apple devices. Collaboration with Amazon should build on this partnership.

In another agreement, Amazon will be the first to buy Ram Promaster Stellantis plug-in trucks, which are set to hit the market in 2023. Amazon wants “thousands” of them each year. vehicles It was said on the streets in the United States. The online retailer has so far mainly relied on US start-up Rivian to power its fleet. Amazon has announced that it will purchase about 100,000 electric Rivian delivery trucks over the years and has also invested about 20 percent in the company.

The deal with Amazon also shows how many alliances are forming between automakers and tech companies, regardless of potential rivalries. Stellantis is already working with Google’s sister company Waymo to develop Robotaxi, while Amazon has its own developer of in-home self-driving technology with the acquisition of startup Zoox.


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