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Electronics: trends at CES 2022

Trends at CES 2022


Visitors check out the John Deere automatic tractor during CES. Photo: Joe Buglewicz/AP/dpa

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In this pandemic, technical devices have made life more bearable. The industry has nothing to complain about. But manufacturers are now looking to the time when corona no longer dominates daily life.

The tech industry is undoubtedly one of the pandemic winners.

“Just imagine where we would be in the past two years without modern technology,” said Gary Shapiro, president of the high-tech expo. those In Las Vegas, at the beginning of the industry meet. “No internet. No home office. No streaming. No contactless delivery. No telemedicine.” Artificial intelligence has helped develop new vaccines and treatments to combat the epidemic. “But the truth is, survival is not enough.”

Tech companies are now looking for a time when pandemic It no longer dominates everyday life. Several trends appear at this year’s fair.


The threats posed by climate change and environmental destruction have become primary themes of the exhibition, and also because consumers are becoming more environmentally conscious in their purchasing habits. Occur at the beginning of CES Samsung– CEO of Jong-Hee Han is nearly a fan of innovations in the field of sustainability.

A new generation of washing machines from South Korea are supposed to prevent microplastics from woolen garments from entering the ecosystem. A new type of TV remote control should make millions of unnecessary batteries: it uses a clicker Strom from the sun and from radio wave energy emitted by devices such as a wireless router in the home.


In the past few years, CES has evolved more and more into a mobility fair. This year, among others, Mercedes, BMW, Volvo, Hyundai, General Motors and Sony seized the exhibition as an opportunity to present their latest projects for electric vehicles and mobility — even if only partially digitally.

However, a lot of interest in Las Vegas has also attracted an exhibitor you wouldn’t necessarily expect at a high-tech trade show, agricultural machinery maker John Deere. The company has made the US state of Illinois autonomous in the field ready for mass production. Deere announced a fully autonomous tractor at CES. The farmer can control the 14-ton vehicle remotely using a smartphone or computer with an accuracy of 2.5 cm. The high-tech monster with a 9-liter and 400-horsepower engine will cost several hundred thousand dollars, depending on the equipment, and will be used in the fields in the United States starting in the summer. In Germany, there is still no approval of a fully autonomous tractor.

TV technology

In the case of large living room TVs, manufacturers have tried again this year to improve picture and sound quality. However, the differences from the previous year’s models can only be seen with a trained eye. So it’s no surprise that manufacturers are also experimenting with new form factors when looking for new customers. Samsung introduced a portable projector for TV viewing everywhere (“The Freestyle”). The device can be rotated 180 degrees, turning any place into a display, from the floor to the walls to the ceiling. In smart speaker mode, the device analyzes the music to display simultaneous visual effects. Samsung’s rival LG is also trying to woo Generation Z with a portable TV. The “LG StanbyME”, whose name is not missing a letter, is mounted on a stand like a floor lamp and can run for three hours using a built-in rechargeable battery without a power cable.


The hype surrounding blockchain cryptographic technology reminds some observers of the pre-2000s Internet bubble. However, at CES, the focus is not so much on digital currencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum, but instead on NFT digital certificates of authenticity. The acronym stands for non-fungible token (in German about “non-fungible token”). With the help of NFT, for example, digital images for TV should be purchased, although their appearance is indistinguishable from reproductions, but which artists consider “original”.

Fixstern apple

iPhone maker Apple was – as it does every year – not represented at CES. But the apple logo bestseller has inspired a number of exhibitors. The Apple Watch and AirPods in particular found many imitators at CES. At CES, Google announced that it will strive for greater integration of Android devices from different manufacturers in the future. So you should be able to connect headphones from the Android world to smartphones just as easily as Apple successfully paired AirPods with iPhone, iPad or Mac. Google called the initiative “Better Together” and never mentioned Apple. However, technology portal The Verge writes that the rest of the industry prefers to describe the project as “catching up with the Apple ecosystem.”


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