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Luca app: After the police arrive, politicians ask for deletion

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Police Get Luca’s Data: Now Politicians Demand App Deletion

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Only the health department should know about checking in with the Luca app.

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Just a few days ago, Patrick Hennig, head of the Luca app, promised it strictThat not a single contact in the system fell into the hands of unauthorized persons. Then Mainz police managed to get in. As a result, even politicians are now calling for the program to be removed.

Just a few days ago, Luca boss faced endless criticism for his application and introduction strict Interview. Perhaps the most important statement: the Luca app is secure, and there has been no unauthorized access to the data yet. Only a few days later it was clear: at the time of testimony, this was no longer true. This did not help confidence in the security of the Luca app. Now, even politicians from the ruling parties are publicly calling for the program to be removed.

Alexander Salomon, member of the Green Party parliamentary group in the state parliament of Baden-Württemberg, begins. He described the app as a “dead mouse” and explicitly encouraged it to disappear from smartphones via Twitter. He also asked Health Minister Karl Lauterbach, the need for the federal and state governments to step up behind the implementation of the Corona warning. The result of the appeal will be that future extensions of contracts with Luca may fail. Many federal states will have to make a decision on this in the coming months.

Thus, Salomon joins a growing number of critical voices. As the media like “NOZ” publicly demand End funding for a privately managed Luca app. Recently, Luca had to come under heavy criticism from IT developer Bianca Kastl regarding the app’s effectiveness. devastating judgment Clear. Also the Federal Ministry of Health seems unsureWhat is Luca currently doing to combat the pandemic. Thus, the authorities’ access to the app’s data is key to the critics’ mill and a huge problem for the app’s operators.

Mainz Police are looking into the data of the Luca . app

What happened? When investigating a death, Mainz police made unauthorized access to a restaurant’s data. The goal was to find potential witnesses among the guests at the site. However, the Infection Protection Act prohibits such misappropriation of data from contact tracing software. The responsible prosecutor’s office confirmed the case and expressed regret. You have the text of the law”incorrectly categorized“.

Luca posted after the case became known a permit He strongly condemned the actions of the authorities. Police eliminated safety precautions by simulating infection and granted unauthorized access to check-in lists via the Health Department.

How Luca will manage to get out of the crisis of confidence after this data disaster is not yet clear. The operators of the Luca app, culture4life GmbH from Berlin, have been working with the Finsbury Glover Hering agency for weeks and trying to save the corrupted image, while public collections of previous bugs such as Luca failed or one Twitter thread for Chaos Computer Club member Manuel Atogg The effects were recorded almost every day. The app’s greatest strength, that it never submitted any data to the wrong hands, is definitely a thing of the past. Whether the developers or the system behind the Luca app are to blame, it likely plays a secondary role in the public eye.

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