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Corona and sports: the virus is very dangerous for runners

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Corona and sports: the virus is very dangerous for runners

Corona and Sports: A runner with a mask on a snowy road

Running with or without a mask? Even this question is difficult to answer. The more contagious omicron variant in particular has caused several new suspicions.

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The omicron variant is becoming increasingly common. That’s why more and more runners are asking themselves what the consequences of contracting the coronavirus are for them and how they can better protect themselves. We looked at recommendations from science.

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Vaccination never protects 100% from infection. This was before Corona So. So it should come as no surprise that those who were fully vaccinated now have the disease, too. However, most of them are protected from a severe course with a full vaccination or even a booster vaccination. This is really cool!

But still uncertainty between runners runners big. Many ask themselves the following question: What should I think about if I catch Covid-19? Do I then have to interrupt the training – even if I only test positive and have no complaints? The answer is very clear: Yes. Even a silent infection puts a strain on the body – the heart and lungs are especially at risk. Physical training can cause serious damage. In the worst cases, myocarditis develops, which often goes unnoticed without significant symptoms, unfortunately. But especially during physical exertion such as running, it can lead to sudden death.

Corona and sports: the heart can be damaged even without symptoms

So what do you do? We talked about it on the new episode of the podcast “She Runs. She Runs.” This episode covers exams, training periods, masks, and renewal times, among others. We offer a lot of practical advice and talk about the medical recommendations that exist in case of infection. Listen to.

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