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Vaccination card cover is in high demand: buying advice

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That’s why not every cover fits on your vaccination card

Vaccination card with syringe and vaccine

A convenient cover protects your vaccination card from dirt and moisture

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Before the Corona pandemic, many vaccination cards were littered with dusty drawers. In the meantime, the identity document is one of the most important documents that you should always have with you. To protect it, it makes sense to buy a bag – but not everyone is equally suitable.

Although a digital vaccination certificate is sufficient to prove the vaccination(s) against corona, many people prefer to have the original on hand – just in case the battery suddenly runs out or the smartphone is forgotten at home. In order to protect delicate paper from external influences such as dirt and moisture, the transparent cover is currently experiencing a real sales buzz. What many do not know: the vaccination card is not a standardized identification document. For this reason, the following points should be noted.

Important criterion: Release date

Did you know that the size of the vaccination card has changed over the years – since 2015 to be exact? To find out the age of your identity document, you must check the place of issue and the date of the first vaccination on it. The following differences can be derived from this:

  • Do you have your International Vaccination Card (WHO)? Between 1980 and 2015 It is 144 mm high and 105 mm wide.
  • After the turn of the millennium (c 2005) In the meantime, there was also a stapling card with a height of 101 mm and a width of 133 mm.
  • Since 2015 Vaccination cards are issued with a height of 130 mm and a width of 93 mm – slightly smaller than their predecessors.

Conclusion: Then your vaccination card is only available in the context of the Corona pandemic 2021 or 2022 Shown, it will likely have the following dimensions: 130 x 93 mm (H x W). To be absolutely sure, you can simply measure the document with a ruler or tape before you buy the sleeve.

Vaccination card cover: comparative models

Since vaccination cards are still not standardized to this day, sizes can continue to vary, depending on where they are issued. It only takes a few millimeters, but it ensures that the cover of the vaccination card can be very large or very small. In the latter case, it will be useless. For this reason, we present here various models, which differ not only from each other in terms of their dimensions, but also in terms of their appearance.

plastic vaccination card cover

  • Dimensions: 150mm x 107mm
  • Color: transparent

Felt vaccination card cover

  • Dimensions: 130mm x 93mm
  • Colors: dark grey, light grey, black

Fake leather vaccination card cover

  • Dimensions: 130mm x 93mm (inside), 200 x 135mm (cover)
  • Colors: red, black, blue, brown, pink

Vaccination card cover with motifs

  • Dimensions: 144 mm x 105 mm
  • Colors: various motifs

Wearable vaccination card cover

  • Dimensions: 162mm x 108mm (outside)
  • Color: transparent

DIY: How to make your own vaccination card cover

If you don’t like any of the popular vaccination card covers, but still don’t want to do without them, you can make your own. That’s why you only need a regular one transparency envelope, Scissors and some masking tape: Place the document in the envelope and fold it over the edges of the vaccination card. Now cut off the excess foil along the edges – and stick the open side with some masking tape. Logically, leave the top edge open so that you can remove the document at any time. Alternatively, you can also sew a cover.
You will find a proper guide for this in this Video.

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